Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Many people want to entertain guests by beginning dinner on special occasions. The dining room, therefore, should look elegant and formal. If you buy the luxury dining furniture collection in the designer stores it will cost you a lot of money. Why don’t you opt for the discount furniture package offered in many online stores on the internet? They will save you from wasting a great deal of cash. For formal furniture, the style is different. Based on the ornate style, wooden material or vintage characters, it can be picked. Here are four ideas for elegant dining room decor with a great formal furniture collection.

Formal Dining Room Paint Colors Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Traditional Wood Furnishings
The long wooden table is an impressive dining table to have for a formal look. It can be made of mahogany, beech, birch, maple and oak. If you want to create an exotic feeling in the dining room, opt for acacia or Brazilian wooden table. The style of this table should present an ornate feeling. The legs should be bulky and carved. The surface of the table can be finished in a dark brown tone or reddish brown tone. Some people opt for the glazing paint for a decorative and reflective look. Complement this elegant table with formal tufted high back chairs. They can be upholstered from leather or white chenille.

Formal Dining Room Table Centerpieces Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Are Formal Dining Rooms Going Out Of Style scaled Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Vintage Formal Furniture
If you want to make a fabulous dinner party at home, the vintage furniture ideas are amazing options to have. There are many specialty stores in town which serve the customers with different kinds of vintage chairs, table and curio cabinet. It usually is painted in a vintage white tone. Adorn the wall in pastel tones like sage green, mint green, beige, cream and soft grey. Spread a floral printed area rug under the vintage dining table.

Formal Dining Room Sets With Buffet Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Traditional Period Inspired Furniture
The last type of formal furniture piece to have is inspired by the look of the traditional period. You may opt for the gothic, medieval, renaissance and Victorian furniture pieces. All of them have one thing in common. The ornate and decorative look is also presented on the design and shape. If you like a gothic look, paint the table in black and match it with red velvet chairs.

Educate yourself with the types of common fabric curtains used to decorate the formal dining room. It makes you aware that the dining room curtain ideas are not monotonous. You do not have to contact the professional interior decorator. You can choose the curtain alone if you know the available fabrics, prints, design and style of curtains in the market. Some interesting materials available are explained as follows:

Elegant Brocade Curtains
The formal dining room ideas are excellent to have for entertaining the business colleagues. The bay windows with elegant brocade curtains look flattering. You can pick the brocade curtains with natural and floral prints. The wall painted in black tone is nice to pair with elegant white chairs. Decorate it with white brocade from the top of the window to the bottom part. The floor to ceiling curtain is very popular for adorning the formal dining room ideas.

Elegant Curtains For Modern Dining Room Bay Window Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Simple Cambric Curtain
Enjoy a glossy look by installing a simple cambric curtain on the bay windows. This fabric is made of cotton or linen. It is stiff and looks nice to spot inside the formal contemporary dining room. You can match it with the exclusive discount rods. Pick the real cambric curtain with exceptional quality if you want to make the space enchanting. Ask the shopkeeper to give you a genuine cambric curtain even though it is expensive.

Decorating Ideas For Small Formal Dining Room Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

Chintz Curtain
This cotton curtain is lightweight. It presents a flattering effect in the dining room. Even though the dining room is formal, it does not mean that you cannot install the bright colored curtain. Having a chintz curtain to decorate the entire window is a smart decision to increase the mood. It is available in various bright tones and prints. If you have a modern dining room decoration, the geometric printed chintz is fabulous.

Fabulous Velvet Curtain
Velvet curtain design is always associated with boldness. Before you decide to install the curtain on the window, make sure that the formal dining room features the luxury details, antique furniture ideas and crystal chandelier. The curtain will be lost if it is placed inside a simple dining room.

Velvet Curtain for Small Round Table Dining Room Easy Ways to Makeovers Formal Dining Room

The fabric curtain is sweet and charming to view inside formal dining room ideas. You have to be aware of the type of fabrics before you buy the curtain. There are various options for it. You can choose chintz, gingham or even damask fabric curtain. Save a lot of money by shopping the fabric curtain yourself rather than having the professional interior decorating do this job for you. Let me show you some interesting fabric curtain materials available in the stores:

The heavier fabric curtain is needed if the dining room is made informal and traditional look. Since damask is made of wool with satin or cotton with satin, it provides a glazing finish and thick texture. When you opt for the windows, the curtain is still on its place. You can evoke a distinctive look on the windows by installing several layers of damask fabric curtain. Complement the look with gold finished triple curtain rods.

This material is thick, heavy and shining. You can induce the majestic feeling by draping the maroon velvet fabric curtain on the decorative bay windows. Install the ornate floral wrought iron curtain rod to hold the curtain.

If the formal dining room features the glamorous round mirror. A shining oval wooden table and elegant camel back chairs, the fabric curtain should be stiff, glossy and perfect. It is recommended for the house owners to buy the cambric fabric curtain. It is made of cotton or linen. Match this cambric curtain with a high-end curtain rod, tassel and hardware. If the dining room is decorated with casual chairs, discount curtain rod and cheap carpet, this curtain is not the best option.

If you are interested to install the lightweight fabric curtain, the chintz material is nice to choose. Hang the curtain inside the English or French country formal dining room design. Make sure that you can clean the curtain for it can be messy on the windows.